Leisure time

The times have changed drastically, and the things that people do to occupy their time is not the same. There are still things like going to the theater, but now there are more advanced thing such as listening to the radio where they could get their news from a small electrical box, and they also had the television where they were able to watch both fiction, and nonfictional events. A person sitting in New York could be sitting at home, and be watching another person talking in Virginia. The advances in technology made peoples lives so much easier for communication, and it also gave them more things to occupy their time.


During the 1950's people enjoyed going to drive in movies. You would pull your car up to an open to, and park your car there. You were able to get soda, pop corn, and candy while you were there. A lot of people would go there for dates, or go there to meet up with their friends. It was a big gathering spot for the younger people to go, and to have fun. Movies are usually a fiction showing with a sort of story. There were action movies, horror which were slash and gashing movies, dramas, love, and comedies. This was more than just going to see a movie. It was a whole different experience to take in.


Woodstock was a place where the youth in United Stated went to listen to their favorite bands. While there they would indulge themselves in doing illegal drugs, and unprotected sex. It was a time of just mayhem everywhere that the concert facilitated. While they were there a famous black man, and arguably the best guitar player ever headlined it, and his name was Jimi Hendrix. Many other famous artists played. Woodstock was the headlining concert of the century, and is the most well known concert now. The music completely changed people put life into their songs, and they are not afraid to use vulgar language in their lyrics. The further along in time we get the more rowdy the crowds get, and are getting less afraid to cause harm to other while expressing what how they feel. Things like this happened during Woodstock, but the violence usually did not occur with each other more so with the authority.

Through the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's the youth went through a variety of fashion changes. Was primarily leather jackets for men and dresses for women. When the sixties, and seventies came around the hippie era came to. People started to wear more tie die, and looser clothing. When this came around the use of marijuana happened a lot more. These people were anti establishment, and were not big fans of the government. When the eighties came the punk ear started to kick in. People wore leather pants, leather jackets, torn clothing, and did their hair in all different type of styles such as the Mohawk, and they were anti enforcement. They disagreed with all law enforcement.


For the American public the sport of football became a huge part of their life. On Sunday afternoons a great amount of the American public watch this intensely played game. The men are provided with pads to absorb most of the impact from getting hit, a helmet to protect the head, and a ball. The object of the games is to get the ball into the opponents end zone, and while doing so there is a defense trying to stop the team from getting into their end zone. The offense gets four plays to get ten yards, or else they have to turn over the ball. The American public loved watching this due to the high intensity, and the high impact that the players put on each other other. The men who play this sport get payed a great amount of money they get payed millions of dollars to play this game.

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