Domino Theory, 1954



The Cold War was born from the foreign policy of the Domino Theory. The Domino theory stated that if on country were to fall to communism then its influence will cause their neighboring countries to also fall to communism. President Harry Truman began his “get tough policy” in 1946 when the Soviet Union seemed to be increasing their state of mind in global domination. Winston Churchill was another person of influence. Churchill had spoken out before at leaders such as Adolf Hitler and informed West Germany about what Hitler had in store. But they didn’t listen to him before and they had better learn from their mistakes. Resulting from the Greek Civil War, the Truman Doctrine had been created leading into the articulation of the Domino Theory.
Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States (1945-1953)

Critical Point

Many events led into the Domino Theory by means of critical decision making from the President, Truman, and his resources. Between 1944 and 1949, The Greek Civil War was fought communism on the Greek side and democracy on the British side, but with the support of the United States. Considering our intervention into the Greek Civil War, America decided to accept the Truman Doctrine, stating that we would aid nations against the rise of communist forces. Many wars had been fought in the containment of communism from large battles in Korea and Vietnam to smaller battles in Somalia and South America. Each of these wars was based on the influence of communism in China. Starting in China and spreading communism to nearby countries was the Domino Theory in affect, as they tried to create an enormous communist force. The containment from America and other non-communist supporters disintegrated the communist threat to almost extinction.


America led the non-communist society in a fierce battle against communism. Eventually we and our allied forces halted their westward expansion from Eastern Europe and opposed it elsewhere. The value of Cold War policies Truman, Acheson and George Marshall helped put into place — the global ideological and strategic challenge to the Soviet Union — now seems extremely secure by virtue of that empire's defeat. Peace has not fully been established, but East and West Europe have relaxed from serious conductivity. The degree of tension between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, and Warsaw Pact countries has been greatly reduced. Much of the attention is now refocused upon democratization and free trade. Communism is still practice throughout societies in particular countries, but the number has been greatly reduced.