Charles Schultz


Carl and Dena Halverson Schulz gave birth to Charles Monroe Schulz in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 26, 1922. At a young age Charles would sit down with his father and read the comics in the local newspaper and he even started to draw his favorite comic charapeanuts.jpgcters at the age of six. His nickname growing up was "Sparky", after his favorite comic character. He attend school in St. Paul, Minnesota and was allowed to skip two grade because he was so bright. while growing up his mother put him in a correspondence course, where lessons and exercises are mailed to students and then returned when completed, from Art Instruction, Inc.. Schultz was drafted into the Army during World War II and was stationed in Europe. By the wars end he had became a Sargent. When he returned home to Minnesota he worked at a Catholic magazine and taught for Art Instruction, Inc.. Then he caught his big break at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.with his comic Li'l Folks.[1]

Central Issue

The United Feature Syndicate of New York decided to publish Li'l Folks in 1950. Schultz want them to keep the name but the company had the rights to change it and called it "Peanuts". When it first was published it was in seven different newspapers. Over the next year the number of papers that wanted the comic in its paper was up to 35 and by 1956 the number reached 100. the comic was about a kid named Charlie Brown and his dog Snoopy. No adults were seen in the comic. The comic was about Charlies everyday adventures with his friends and family. Besides Charlie and Snoopy, the other main characters were his friends Lucy, Linus, and Schroeder. [2] Woodstock was a bird that hung around with Snoopy. Many people claimed it was a religious comic trying to teach people but Schultz insisted it wasn't. even though many readers say there are many life lessons to learn in the Peanuts comic.As the cartoon got bigger, Schultz added more characters like Susie, Charlies sister and schultz.jpgothers that were Charlies freinds and peers. The comic turned into a television show in the 1960s and even an off-Broadway stage production, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, was created in 1967. The comic strip ran from 1950 to 2000.[3]


Charles Schultz received many awards during his time with Peanuts including Emmys, writing awards, and humor awards. He had amusement parks named after his comic along with fashion designs, museums, and awards. He married Joyce Halverson in 1949 and had five kids together. They later divorced in 1972. He then married Jean Clyde in 1973. Schulz was diagnosed with cancer in November 1999 after the disease was discovered during an unrelated operation. He announced in December 1999 that he would retire in the year 2000, the day after the final Peanuts strip. Schulz died on February 12, 2000, one day before his farewell strip was to be in newspapers.[4]


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