Life & Times


America’s lifestyle changes all the time. New fads are in and old ones out. From the 1950’s to the 1980’s there were highly different fashion trends and styles of life. Starting in the 1950’s was the Baby boom looked at teens and the younger trends of society. Peace rolled around once the hippies roamed America during the 1960’s. During the 1970’s women became a large factor in workable, educational, and political aspects of life. The widespread use of credit cards, for the buy now pay later scheme, leaves off with the 1980’s. Events in America also help cause changes in American fads and lifestyle.

Main Point

For the 1950’s, the Baby Boom lowered the average age of all the citizens of America, so Americans were more concerned at the life and interests of the children and teenagers of the era. Rock ‘n’ Roll was the theme for teenagers around America while they swung their hips around keeping a Hula Hoop afloat. The Hippies are known by all era’s following the 1960’s. People had many different spiritual beliefs during the era; many ranging from Eastern spiritual concepts, such as reincarnation, to the return of Romanticism and Transcendentalists. The 1970’s had an increase of minority groups becoming more involved in all aspects of life. Women and African Americans became more involved in politics and fought for full legal equality. Credit cards, of the 1980’s, created a friendly environment for purchasing many products, all the time, even if you didn’t have the money yet. Hair spray was bought and used within a week or so because putting your hair up was the fashion of the day. Many neon articles of clothing accompanied these wild hair styles.


Ever changing fads and fashions of America are what shape its youth. From Baby Boomers and Rock ‘n’ Roll, to Hippies and mellowing out, to minorities speaking out and advertising their popular bell bottom pants, and finally to enjoying your new credit card to buy neon shirts and wild hair-sprayed hairstyles. Movements in religion and culture have created a wider spread of fashion and style. America’s fashion has changed dramatically over the years, but they seem to be reviving some of the really old fashions into today’s society.