On August 9, 1969 five people were found murdered. Actress Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Voyteck Frykowski, Abigail Folger, and an unidentified male were found in Beverley Hills. The deaths were vulgar and vile. The secluded home had a view of Los
Manson Family Home
Angeles on the top of its hillside. Initially, the deaths were thought to have been caused by excessive partying or a drug overdose. The coroner dismissed this assumption. These murders were the beginning of a more serious problem. They would begin to uncover something more serious.[1]

Critical Issue

Juan, when they catch me, it’s going to be like feeding me to the lions. They’re going to put me far away because I have no family, no one that will help me,” said Charles Manson as he confessed to his friend Juan Flynn. Charles Manson was convicted for the murders of Sharon Tate and those previously mentioned. When captured, Manson had been living with numerous followers. This cult like uprising was referred to as, “Manson’s ‘family’,” by the New York Times; the group was filled mostly with distraught youth, drugs, and sex. Charles Manson filled his group with childhoods much like his own abandoned youth. A friend of Charles Manson recalled, “Charlie always had first crack at the new girl. But he also used them as bait. He’d share them with you, but if you accepted you we
Charles Manson
re part of his group, you were obligated to him.” They too were arrested at his Death Valley home. Not only was the group accused of the recent Tate murder, but also for the deaths of six other Los Angeles residents. Ultimately, Charles Manson was responsible for various deaths.[2]

Conclusion/Historical Significance

With the murders of Sharon Tate and four other acquaintances, a scandal was uncovered. Charles Manson had various interactions with the law prior to this murder. They were most likely brought about from his unfortunate childhood. Mr. Manson had created one of the first major cults in American history. He manipulated and controlled people to do his unlawful will. Charles lured these youth into a life filled with promises of freedom. In the end they were subjected to licentious living environment. Not only that, but they took part in the brutal murders of countless people.

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